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All renters must sign a waiver of liability. 

Waivers are required for anyone in your party who may use your rental equipment.

Pre-payment is required.

Pick Up & Drop Off. 

Your rafting equipment will be available beginning 7:00 AM the first day of your reservation. 

All rental equipment must be returned by 7:00 PM the last day of your reservation.

Pick Up and Drop Off will happen through our contactless dropbox system. Further instructions (location, directions, etc.) will be sent with your completed reservation confirmation.

We offer boat delivery and retrieval in the Fairbanks area for $25 each way upon request.

Early Pick Up: If you need to GUARANTEE your boat will be available for pick up on a certain day, you must book the boat for that day. Evening pick up on the day prior to your rental may be accommodated based on boat availability, but cannot be guaranteed. There will be a $25 fee for this service. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this option.

Late Drop Off: Please let us know as soon as possible. There may be another renter expecting your boat for a trip the next day! You will be charged a one time $50 fee plus the single day rental rate for each day you keep the boat past your reservation date. If you expect you may be late, we suggest just reserving the boat. Reserving ahead of time gives you a cheaper rate and is more considerate for the next renter.


  • Limited Refunds. We operate while rivers are running in northern Alaska. This means we have a very short season! Cancellations can be devastating to our business, especially last-minute cancellations that are difficult to fill. For this reason we are unable to offer refunds in the event of cancellations within 60 days before your reservation. If you choose to cancel your trip more than 60 days before your reservation date AND you have not elected to purchase Peek Protect rental insurance (see below) you will receive a full refund minus a rebooking fee equal to 20% of the total rental value. We understand unplanned circumstances arise and we’ll do everything else we can to accommodate your needs. 

  • Plan ahead. There are many variables at play on remote trips in Alaska: unpredictable weather, bush flights, water levels, and wildfire season to name a few. For these reasons it is advised to research alternate rivers in case your original destination becomes unreachable at the precise time of your planned trip. Your packraft rental is only one part of what may be a complex trip that relies on other products and services from other vendors. Northern Alaska Packrafts LLC is only responsible for providing your rental equipment and is not liable for other vendors, products and services that may be purchased as part of your planned trip.

  • Rental Insurance. We strongly encourage purchasing trip insurance through a third party. Rental insurance ("Peek Protect") is available for purchase at the time of booking through Peek Protect covers roughly 80% of your Booking Value and costs 8% or 11% of the Booking Value depending on the type of Booking. Peek Protect is non-refundable, even in the event that you do not use Peek Protect. Read Peek Protect's terms and conditions here:

Damage Fees

Alpacka packrafts are durable but do require some general care in order to maintain the longevity of the boat. A few basic practices will go a long way toward preserving the boats and saving you damage fees. You will be responsible for any costs incurred for significantly damaged or lost rental equipment. Generally, charges will not be applied to normal wear and tear on all equipment as deemed by Northern Alaska Packrafts, LLC. An itemized list of estimated costs for damages is available below.

Here are a few best practices to follow when handling a packraft:

  • Rinse sand, gravel, silt, and debris from inside and outside of boats.

  • Dry boats after each use. (Otherwise they sour and smell like cat urine.)

  • Disassemble and dry paddles after each use, or else they become impossible to break apart and put back together.

  • Always pick up boats by the hull and grab loops. Picking up the packrafts by the spraydeck, seat or air valves damages them. This is the most common cause of damage and the easiest to avoid!

  • Avoid scraping along rocks and gravel bars when possible.

  • Avoid using paddle blade to push off riverbed when feasible.

  • Keep sand and silt out of inflation valve.

Should a packraft or any accessories be returned with damages, the following charges may apply:

NAP Damage Fees Table
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