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What is Packrafting?
Packrafting began in Alaska. Packrafting is arguably the best mode of travel for summer, human-powered recreation in the remote wilderness of the Far North. The small size, minimal weight, ease of transport, and durability of these boats have revolutionized backcountry travel. From recreational day-trips on flatwater, to exciting whitewater runs down unnamed creeks, to Brooks Range and Alaska Range traverses, the opportunities are endless.
What's included?
All of our rentals include the raft, paddles, personal flotation device, inflation bag, and repair kit.
How do I inflate a boat?
Alpacka packrafts are blown up with an inflation bag. This video from Alpacka shows you how it works. Our Pristine Venture boats are blown up with a small, lightweight hand pump. We're happy to give you a tutorial of how to blow up your boat when you pick it up!
Do you offer tours?
We do not offer guided tours or excursions. However, we are happy to share trip ideas and information about conditions.
Do you sell boats?
We routinely retire boats from our rental fleet. If you are interested in buying a retired boat from us, contact us for availability, prices, and pictures.
Can I hunt with a packraft?
Yes! Our Alpacka packrafts and Pristine Ventures can be used to haul a hunter, equipment, and small game animals, or ferry portions of larger game animals. 
What size boat do I need?
Which size boat you need depends on your height. Check out our boats page for more information.
Do I need to clean my boat before I return it?
We'll handle the deep cleaning. If you're hauling meat, please clean, with water only, any animal blood and hair from the raft during and after your trip. This is very important for you to keep bears from chewing on your raft (really, not fun for you!) and for us to keep mold off the rafts. A thorough rinse and scrub with river water each morning or evening while you ferry meat will make for a much better trip- trust us!!!
My boat sprung a leak! What do I do?
Our stuff is meant to be used! These boats are tough, but leaks do happen and are part of using equipment in rugged and remote areas. You will be provided with a basic repair kit. Additional repair materials and knowledge on how to use repair equipment in the field are the responsibilities of the renter. We are more than happy to discuss methods, materials and tips with your prior to your trip!
I lost a paddle/packraft/inflation bag! What do I do?

Please let us know of any lost or damaged equipment when you return the boats. We do reserve the right to charge the replacement cost of any equipment or accessories that are completely lost or damaged beyond repair, and will evaluate on a case-by-case basis. Please see our policies page for more information. 
Can I pick up my raft the evening before my rental starts? 
If you need to GUARANTEE your boat will be available for pick up on a certain day, you must book the boat for that day. Evening pick up on the day prior to your rental may be accommodated based on boat availability, but cannot be guaranteed. There will be a $25 fee for this service. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this option.
My trip went later than expected. What do I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible. There may be another renter expecting your boat for a trip the next day! You will be charged the single day rental rate for each day you keep the boat past your reservation date. If you expect you may be late, we suggest just reserving the boat. Reserving ahead of time gives you a cheaper rate and is more considerate for the next renter.

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