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Alpacka Rafts

Single-person packrafts for back-country recreation, hunting and angling

Light weight and extremely durable, Alpacka rafts are the ideal packraft for recreating in Alaska. Each raft weighs about 5 to 6 pounds (depending on the size) and packs down to approximately 7"x17". Our rental fleet includes several packrafts of each of Alpacka's classic boats (Alpaca, Yak, Llama, and Mule). The Alpaca, Yak, and Llama have a carrying capacity of 400 pounds. The Mule can carry up to 500 pounds. If you need a boat with higher carrying capacity check out our other inflatables.

What size packraft you need depends on your height:

5'-5'8": Alpaca (Small)

5'7"-6': Yak (Medium)

6'-6'4": Llama (Large)

6'2"-6'8": Mule (Extra Large)

Each rental includes a packraft with a cruiser deck and spray cover, lightweight paddle (which breaks down into 4 pieces), inflation bag, small repair kit, and a personal flotation device. Our boats do not include zippered access for internal storage.

Pristine Ventures 

Hunting and angling inflatable rafts

We now rent boats specifically for serious hunters and anglers. We have three boats designed by Pristine Ventures in Fairbanks.

The PR-49:
The PackRaft Alaskana (PR-49) is made of PVC, using 420-denier side tubes and 840 denier floor thickness. It weighs 15 pounds and is 9 feet long. It can carry up to 850 pounds. This boat is ideal for wilderness streams with character ratings of Class I-III.

The Legend:
The Legend is made of 30-oz PVC, weighs 56 pounds and is 13 feet long. It can carry up to 1,250 pounds. This boat is intended to perform with one hunter, their gear, and an entire bull moose in river depths greater than 7 feet, but can also provide effective hauling capacity and shallow draft for two people and moderate loads of gear and smaller game animals.

The Pioneer X-stream:
The Pioneer X-stream is made of 32-oz PVC, weighs 72 pounds and is 16.5 feet long. It can carry up to 1800 lbs. This boat can run up to class IV rapids.