What is Packrafting?
Packrafting began in Alaska and is arguably the best way to recreate and travel in the wilderness of the Far North. The small size, minimal weight, ease of transport, and durability of these boats has revolutionized backcountry travel. From recreational day-trips on flatwater to gnarly whitewater runs down unnamed creeks, to Brooks Range traverses, the opportunities are endless.
What's included?
All of our rentals include the raft, paddles, personal flotation device, inflation bag, and repair kit.
How do I inflate a boat?
Alpacka packrafts are blown up with an inflation bag. This video from Alpacka shows you how it works. Our Pristine Venture boats are blown up with a small, lightweight hand pump. We're happy to give you a tutorial of how to blow up your boat when you pick it up!
Do you offer tours?
We do not offer guided tours or excursions. However, we are happy to share trip ideas and information about conditions.
Do you sell boats?
We routinely retire boats from our rental fleet. If you are interested in buying a retired boat from us, contact us for availability, prices, and pictures.
Can I hunt with a packraft?
Yes! Our Alpacka packrafts can be used to haul a hunter, equipment, and small game animals, or ferry portions of larger game animals. 
What size boat do I need?
Which size boat you need depends on your height. Check out our boats page for more information.
Do I need to clean my boat before I return it?
Nope, we will clean all boats for you when you return them!
I lost a paddle/inflation bag, what do I do?
Please let us know of any lost or damaged equipment when you return the boats. We will charge you the replacement cost of any lost, broken, or heavily damaged equipment or accessories.
My trip went later than expected.
Please let us know as soon as possible. You will be charged an additional $50/day for each day your keep the boat past your reservation date.