Why Packraft

The packraft has evolved into a fine-tuned, lightweight, and unbelievably versatile watercraft over the years. It’s a raft that can challenge nearly any body of water, be used as a shelter during a storm, double as a cargo ship to haul game during a hunt, and yet still be carried on your back. 

Packrafts satisfy the desire to travel light and compact, either in the backcountry or during a quick afternoon trip on a local lake or river. They easily fit into a backpack, small plane, the trunk of your car, or on a four wheeler. They weigh a mere 4-5 lbs and pack down to the size of a standard backpacking tent. Packrafts are nearly bomb-proof and can take loads of abuse if handled properly. Even some of the most gaping wounds in the tube can be repaired quickly in the field with a roll of Tyvek house tape. In addition, basic control and maneuvering of the raft are relatively intuitive. The responsiveness and stability of a packraft allows even an inexperienced boater to feel comfortable and in control after a short time on non-technical water. 


Packrafts can be inflated in less than 5 minutes. A lightweight bag constructed of sil-nylon is used to scoop up air and inflate the boat. An additional mouth valve is then used to top off the boat. The rafts also have an inflatable seat and backrest, so functionality and comfort have not been compromised at the expense of making the boat as light as possible.

  • Allows you to cross a river too dangerous to try on foot.
  • Hauls out your sheep or caribou.
  • Carries you to that hot fishing hole on the other side of the creek.
  • Running whitewater on a river that would otherwise be impossible to access with a larger boat
  • Fits easily into your suitcase for a trip to the lower 48 or abroad.
  • A shelter for a heavy downpour or during an all night rain.
  • A soft ground pad for an afternoon nap or full night’s sleep.
  • Allows you to sit down during endurance races and travel fast on river.
  • Carries your bike or skis during a multisport adventure.
  • Ferries you around a pristine alpine lake.
  • When filled with water and left out in the warm sun -- your very own hot tub
  • And others we haven’t thought of yet.