Packraft Rental

$50/day - for 1 day rental
$45/day - for 2 day rentals
$35/day - for 3 to 4 day rentals
$30/day - for 5 to 8 day rentals
* NOTE: An additional $5/day will apply to boats equipped with a whitewater deck and spray skirt or a cargo fly.

Each rental includes a packraft with a lightweight paddle which breaks down into 4 pieces, raft inflation bag, small repair kit, and a personal flotation device. All renters will be required to sign a waiver of liability. Pick-up and drop-off are at 2788 Goldhill Rd in Fairbanks. Deliveries can be made within Fairbanks for a $15 fee.

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* An 80% refund will be given if cancellation is made prior to the reservation date.


Reservations can also be made less than 7 days in advance by phone/text (907) 251-6771 or email ( No cancellation fee, payment due upon equipment pick-up.

Late charges:
Rafts are available for pickup the evening before your trip. A raft drop-off time will be arranged at that time. A $25 late fee will be charged to your rental if you return it later than the scheduled time. In addition, each additional day beyond the original rental agreement will be charged at the 1-day rate of $50/day. Raft rentals may be extended without a late charge or a higher daily fee if you contact us before the raft is scheduled to be returned. Pick-up and drop-off will be at our location in Fairbanks, 2788 Goldhill Rd. Delivery to any location within the Fairbanks area will be available for $15.

Cleaning Fees:
Packrafts are durable but do require some basic care in order to preserve the integrity and longevity of the rafts. Please rinse all gravel, sand, silt and debris from the boat. Also, dry the boat completely (if possible) before rolling it up and returning it to Northern Alaska Packrafts. Some dirt and debris remaining in the boat is unavoidable, but a flat rate cleaning fee of $25 will be charged if a returned boat requires a significant cleaning (at the discretion of Northern AK Packrafts).

The customer will be responsible for any costs incurred for damaged or lost rental equipment. Generally, charges will not be applied to normal "wear and tear" on all equipment as deemed by Northern Alaska Packrafts, LLC. An itemized list of estimated costs for damages is available HERE.

We  accept cash, check, and credit card (Visa or Mastercard). We are a low volume business and strongly encourage cash or check if possible in order to avoid expensive credit card fees.