Damage Fees

Alpacka packrafts are durable but do require some general care in order to maintain the longevity of the boat. A few basic practices will go a long way toward preserving the boats and saving you damage fees. 
You will be responsible for any costs incurred for significantly damaged or lost rental equipment. Generally, charges will not be applied to normal wear and tear on all equipment as deemed by Northern Alaska Packrafts, LLC. An itemized list of estimated costs for damages is available below.

Here are a few best practices to follow when handling a packraft:
  • Rinse sand, gravel, silt, and debris from inside and outside of boats.
  • Dry boats after each use. (Otherwise they sour and smell like cat piss.)
  • Dry paddles after each use, or else they become impossible to break apart and put back together.
  • Always pick up boats by the hull and grab loops. Picking up the packrafts by the spraydeck, seat or air valves damages them.
  • Avoid scraping along rocks and gravel bars when possible.
  • Keep sand and silt out of inflation valve.
Should a packraft or any accessories be returned with damages, the following charges apply:

 Damage  Fee
 Pin size hole in boat or floor  $10
 Tear or hole less than 1" in boat or floor  $20
 Tear between 1" and 4" in boat or floor   $35
 Tear greater than 4"  $50, or at discretion of NAP
 Tear less than 1" in spray deck  $20
 Tear greater than 1" in spray deck  $35
 Tears that run into a seam of the spray deck  $50, or at discretion of NAP
 Spray deck separation or torn from raft  $50, or at discretion of NAP
 Multiple tears, animal damage, etc  At discretion of NAP
 Soured boat due to being stored wet  $200, or at discretion of NAP
 Cracked or broken air valve  $50, or at discretion of NAP
 Torn inflation bag  $5
 Broken paddle blade or shaft  $50, or at discretion of NAP
 Lost or stolen boat, inflation bag, paddle, PFD, or repair kit  Full $ value to replace item

Please note renters are responsible for keeping track of and caring for equipment.