Boat Sizing

Northern Alaska Packrafts rents three sizes of Alpacka Rafts to accommodate a variety of human dimensions. The larger rafts can comfortably fit a smaller person but are less responsive due to the additional wiggle room. This will not likely be an issue on flat water but may be quite noticeable in more technical rivers that require quick maneuvering. A taller person can squeeze into a smaller boat but may find themselves feeling very cramped after a few hours of paddling. Check out the table below for recommended sizing information. A more comprehensive guide for determining the right boat size can be found HERE.

 Raft ModelUser Height  User Inseam Raft Weight Rental Quantity
 Alpaca 5'8" or less 32" or less 5lb 5oz 1
 Yukon Yak 5'8" to 6' 32" to 34" 5lb 7oz 3
 Denali Llama 6' to 6'4" 34" or greater 5lb 11oz 3

Our rafts come in a variety of colors.
All of the boats have an attached "cruiser style" spray deck that will shed water that splashes up from the river, as well as rain. The spray deck also provides warmth on cooler, windy days and protection from the sun on cloud free afternoons. In addition, all of our rafts have tie-downs to attach your backpack to the bow of the boat.

The spray deck can be rolled up and tucked out of the way or completely removed from the boat. So on those warm, summer days you have the option of working on your tan. An inflatable seat and backrest are standard on each boat and can be filled to whatever level is comfortable for you.