Backcountry Access

Fairbanks serves as the hub for air and road access to Alaska's vast Interior and Arctic regions. The Alaskan road system is sparse but does provide access to some amazing country. A handful of air taxi services listed below operate out of the Fairbanks International Airport and provide charter service to remote air-strips, as well as regularly scheduled flights to villages in northern Alaska. Several companies listed below are based in villages such as Bettles and Ft. Yukon. Some villages serve as convenient jumping-off or take-out points for backcountry adventures.

Organizing a trip that incorporates a village as an access point can save a considerable amount of money compared to chartering a flight to a specific, remote location. Other economical options are to do a mix of transportation logistics, such as start at a road and end in a village or vice versa, charter a flight to a remote lake or gravel bar and end at a road and/or village, etc. Northern Alaska Packrafts can offer some advice if you are trying to determine the most convenient and economical way to get in/out of the backcountry.

Air Taxis and Charters Serving Interior and Northern Alaska: 
Alaska Airlines - Offers jet service to a handful of northern Alaska hubs.
Arctic Air Alaska - Charter service based in Fairbanks serving remote locations in northern Alaska.
Bering Air - Air service with hubs in Nome and Kotzebue. Also offers flights to the Russian Far East.
Bettles Air and Lodge - Bettles based air charter service serving remote locations in the Brooks Range.
Bushwacker Air - Located in Fairbanks and flies to remote landing strips.
Brooks Range Aviation - Air charter also based in Bettles. Flies into the Brooks Range.
Coyote Air - Air charter service located in Coldfoot, in the heart of the Brooks Range.
Fortymile Air - Serving the eastern interior located in Tok.
Ravn Alaska - Ravn (formerly Era) flies to communities all across mainland Alaska, from the Arctic coast to the Gulf of Alaska.
McCarthy Air - Air charter based in McCarthy, serving the Wrangell-St Elias National Park.
Northwestern Aviation - Flies to remote locations in northwest Alaska, based in Kotzebue.
70 North, LLC - Air charter based in Deadhorse and Happy Valley on Alaska's North Slope.
Tanana Air Service - Air charter located in McGrath that serves the southwest Interior.
Warbelow's Air Ventures - Provides scheduled air service from Fairbanks to a handful of villages.
Wrangell Mountain AirAir charter based in McCarthy, serving the Wrangell-St Elias National Park.
Wright Air Service - Provides scheduled air and charter service from Fairbanks to locations across northern Alaska.
Yukon Air Service - Air charter based in Fort Yukon serving the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and more.

This is a list of some of the most popular air taxis in interior and northern Alaska. If you operate an air taxi and would like to be linked here, please contact us.

Shuttle Services: 
Alaska-Yukon Trails - Offers shuttle service between Anchorage-Fairbanks and to Dawson City and Whitehorse, Yukon.
Dalton Highway Express - Provides shuttle service along the Dalton Hwy from Fairbanks to Deadhorse.
GO North - Can arrange trips, shuttle pickup/dropoffs, and also has a hostel located in Fairbanks.
Manley Village Express - Shuttle service between Manley Hot Springs and Fairbanks.