Check Availability

Northern Alaska Packrafts has 12 boats available for rent. We have one Alpaca (small boat), five Yukon Yak's (medium boat), and six Denali Llama's (large boat). Please see the boat sizing link to determine which size is right for you. All of our packrafts come with an attached "cruiser style" spray deck which allows you to run splashy whitewater and also keeps you warm and relatively dry. The cruiser spray deck can be rolled up and tucked out of the way on warm days - or even completely removed from the raft. We also have two boats with the uber-dry "whitewater" spraydecks that are even drier than the cruiser spraydeck (marked as WW on the calendar). In addition, we have one Llama with the cargo fly internal gear storage compartment.

The calendar below shows the availability of our rental fleet. All boats listed on the calendar are available. If a boat is rented out, it will not be visible on the calendar. Here are the names of our rental boats: Alpaca #1, Yak #1, Yak #2, Yak #3, Yak #4 (WW), Yak #5, Llama #1, Llama #2, Llama #3, Llama #4, Llama #5 (WW), Llama #6 (cargo fly).